I Heart Faces – A touch of Whimsy

This picture seemed right for the “Touch of Whimsy” photo challenge over at I heart Faces.

I have always wanted to photograph someone in front of the dilapidated brick facade located at NW 10th and Johnson. Out to dinner for my husband’s birthday, we wound up at Jamison Square for ice cream, very near the spot. We wandered over and I snapped a few pictures of my daughter sitting in the window of the old building, and the results were a little whimsical.
I will definitely be back for a shoot soon! I love the look of the brick and foliage.
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Welcome to the World, Baby Sawyer Ann!

I had the overwhelming pleasure of documenting my dear friend Stephanie’s birth experience with daughter #2. Along with her husband, Ty, and a few of her fabulous girlfriends, I got to spend the day with Stephanie through her induction and labor. It was a long day, but at 9:29 pm, on May 27th, 8 lb, 13 oz Sawyer Ann entered the world. Stephanie is someone who feels things deeply, and I loved capturing her maternal emotion while meeting her precious daughter for the first time. Such a beautiful mommy. I was struck by how graceful and generous she was to all of us in the room through the process.
For a second, just as Sawyer emerged, I paused, overwhelmed with the emotion of her first moment of life, and felt tears flood my eyes, along with all the other ladies in the room. Then, it was back to the work of documenting the details of a baby finally in mommy’s arms, last moments of the thread that sustained baby Sawyer, tiny fingers and toes, Daddy’s touch, and all the other precious, fleeting firsts.
I read a quote just today that made me think of this particular photography experience:
Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. – Aaron Siskind

Congratulations, Stephanie and Ty!