Sawyer – Time Flies…

Remember Sawyer Ann? Back on May 27th of last year, I had the privilege of celebrating her birth, and taking her very first photograph. Pretty special! Now she’s a precious, beautiful 10 month old (today!) with an easy smile and some seriously world-class-caliber thigh chub.

Anyway, very fun that on MY birthday (today!) Sawyer helped me celebrate, and again allowed me to take her picture. Thanks, Sawyer, for helping me do what I love to do (take photos!) on my special day.

"S" for Sister { St. Johns, Portland, OR}

One of my favorite families is getting ready to welcome a new baby girl! I was thrilled to get to visit John, Erynn and Sydney in their home to do a mini-maternity session. Soon-to-be big sister Sydney showed me her princess room ( my little girl saw the photos while I was editing them and freaked! She now wants a pink princess room just like Sydney!). She jumped on the bed, put a tiara on her puppy, demonstrated some dramatic princess fainting, brushed her hair in her vanity, and did some twirls in the mirror. So fun, this girl!

Unfortunately, after just a few happy snaps with her mommy in new baby sister’s nursery, Sydney was done with me and my camera. So I turned my focus to Erynn and John, who are my most favorite couple to photograph. They are unabashedly lovey-dovey, and its refreshing to see the way John dotes on Erynn. They are adorable!

Thanks again, Fearn Family, you guys are such a pleasure to work with! Congratulations on your new little girl!

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