Sawyer Turns One! {Sherwood, OR}

Miss Sawyer, my favorite little pumpkin, easygoing little sister, and joy of her family, turned one! The year has gone so fast!

I was incredibly excited to take her first birthday portraits. I spotted a gorgeous clover field with beautiful trees in the background, and knowing I just HAD to shoot there, I did my due diligence, called and talked to “Jim”, who referred me to his cousin “Skeeter”, the owner of the field. I was given the go ahead (yay!), and day of, showed up and began unloading all of our props, balloons, and of course, the precious baby.

We hadn’t even gotten a picture taken, when blazing out on a tractor was a kind gentleman who apologetically informed us that Skeeter was not the owner, and that the true owner, his boss, wanted no one stepping foot in his clover. We were asked to leave immediately. Not a great start to our photos. At least we still had some perfect balloons to incorporate in our new impromptu shoot location! Oh wait, the photographer accidentally let go of them all after a single pose. Whoops! So many things went wrong.

But, fortunately, the Merlock girls are always adorable, and that’s all that really matters! Thanks, girls, for an unforgettable morning!


Alyssa and Naia {George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego, OR}

It was such a pleasure to work with this family! Parents Fremont (coolest Dad name ever!) and Jennifer, along with their gorgeous daughters, Alyssa and Naia, met me at George Rogers Park for a morning of dog watching, duck chasing, oh, and family photos too. Big sister Alyssa is precocious, sassy and has the most amazing, infectious smile. Little sister Naia is beautiful, with some of the best baby chub I’ve come across. Her Daddy seems particularly taken with her, kissing her sweet little face at every opportunity.

The park provided lots of varied backgrounds, including the lake and beach area, and lots of flowers and trees. I was sad for the session to end, but this busy family was off to swim lessons and a camping trip!

Thanks Jennifer and Fremont, I hope we can do it again some time!