Henry, Olive and Kate {Round Lake, Camas, WA}

This darling family is one of my favorites, and I’ve been so privileged to capture them three times over the last year or so. Our sessions are always a blast. This time, we spent a morning stomping around the Round Lake Park area in Camas. The kids were as lively and joyful as I remembered, maybe even more so, and their parents, Michael and Jen are a hoot as well. Fabulous families like this remind me of why I have the best job in the world! blog 3blog 5blog4blog 2blog 1blog 7blog 6

The Beyer Family {Laurelhurst Park, Portland, OR}

I met up with the Beyer family on a sunny, bright morning in early July, and their kindness and easy-going attitude made for a great shoot. They were naturals in front of the camera, but I love the shots where they are interacting as if I’m not there the very best! They are a truly beautiful bunch, and Max, their 3 year old, is just a total doll.

Thank you Beyer family, for the privilege of taking your portraits! I hope you enjoy your photos!


Ben and Lucas {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland, OR}

What fabulous folks the Fransons are! I have rarely laughed as much as I did with this family. Brothers Ben and Lucas are adorable with their matching haircuts and killer smiles. Older brother Ben is a typical nine year old, in that his true smile came out when topics turned to bodily functions.He can turn out a belch! He was a great help too in getting his brother to look and smile. He is a seriously great kid.

Little brother Lucas had a more difficult time, as is typical when you are 3, but his family did a great job of keeping him happy, especially his Dad, who ran and played with him almost the entire time.
Thanks for spending your afternoon with me at the Arboretum, Franson family! Enjoy your photos!

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