Arlo & Etta {NE Portland}

This is the second time I’ve gotten to photograph Arlo and his parents, Andrea and Stephen, and this time he introduced me to to his beautiful new sister, Etta, as well as his vegetable garden and his awesome wooden airplane that his Papa made. Etta has a gorgeous head of copper hair and pretty blue eyes, and was extremely cooperative as we placed her on various blankets, baskets and crates in her backyard. Thanks for spending the morning with me, Arlo and Etta! It was fun!


Baby Calvin {SW Portland, OR}

Last June, I had the amazing privilege of photographing Casi and Clark’s wedding.  They are a wonderful couple, and Casi is one of my favorite people in the world. She also happens to be my niece, Raven’s, mama!  I was thrilled in August when they welcomed their son Calvin, and asked me to photograph him in their home. He’s a gorgeous baby, I think you’ll agree! Congratulations Clark, Casi and Raven on your new addition. I am so happy for you all. 

Asa {Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA}

Asa is a sweet, beautiful 19 month old. Aren’t her curls adorable? Asa and her parents showed me around Fort Vancouver, and she was especially taken with the flowers, both the beauties in the flower garden, and the common dandelions.

It was so much fun, I hope we can do it again, Asa!