Lilianna is Two! {Laurelhurst Park, Portland OR}

What to say about this sweet girl? Lili is spunky, beautiful, and doesn’t much care to have her photograph taken. She’s a mama’s girl who  squealed over passing bicycles, flowers and her Dora doll. She has the absolute BEST pigtails, so perfect, her mama gave her 3 instead of two! Lili, you don’t care much for me, but I adore you! I hope we can do it again!


Miles {Portland, OR}

Even though I’m on maternity leave, the weather was warm today, and my 4 year-old was itching to get out of the house. Miles, Baby Landree and I headed to our favorite local outdoor spot, and I brought my camera along. Miles threw rocks in the water, dug in the dirt, and even did a little mugging for me. I love this boy so much, I’m so glad he’s mine! b1b3b2