Owen & Buddy {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland, OR}

What to say about this beautiful family? Owen’s Mama contacted me for photos of their family, including their puppy, Buddy. The evening was especially warm for May, and the pollen thick in the air at the Arboretum. Neither of these factors seemed to bother little Owen. He is one of the happiest, most cooperative 16 month olds I’ve had the privilege of photographing. He has beautiful blue eyes, and adorable rosy cheeks and dimples I’m pretty sure he inherited from his pretty Mom. As for Buddy, the Arboretum is a pretty great place to be a dog. He caroused and frolicked, but still managed to sit still long enough for me to take his picture. Good Dog! web15web14web12web10web9web17web6web3web19 web13web4web16

Nathan and Libby {Wilsonville, OR}

I had the opportunity to meet up with cuties Nathan and Libby for the second time, and loved every minute of it. I have a soft spot for Nathan, he is SUCH a handsome, well mannered, photogenic fella. As with most 2 year olds, Libby makes me (and her parents!) work for every smile, and the uber-windy weather didn’t help, but her blue eyes sparkle when she does. I love getting to spend time with this entire family, and bonus, their Daddy makes a KILLER smoked chicken, which he shared with me. So kind. I hope we can do it again! I’ll be sure to come hungry next time. 🙂


The E. Family {Laurelhurst Park, Portland, OR}

Photographing a large extended family can be a little nerve-wracking, but the E. family was so fun, warm and personable, all my butterflies went out the window upon meeting them.  All of the adult children were in town at one time, and so it was the perfect opportunity to capture the whole family together. Augustin, Sr. and Meredith have much to be proud of, as you can see! 5 children and 4 grandchildren. It was a great pleasure to capture their legacy.

Tyler & Sawyer – Sass and Stripes {Tanner Springs Park, Portland, OR}

Two of my favorite little ladies and their fabulous mama met me at Tanner Springs on a windy spring evening recently. Though I am easily distracted by these girl’s mama (she’s one of my favorite people to chat with on the entire planet), I did manage to tear myself away from good conversation, and get some cute shots of the two sisters. Sawyer is at a tough age (photographically speaking), as she really has no interest in the camera or following specific instructions, so I just rolled with whatever she was giving me. While she didn’t want to be in front of my camera, she did want to sit with me and cuddle (heaven!). Tyler, on the other hand, is my star. She is such a natural in front of the camera, and she loves to be photographed. She makes my life easy. Thanks, Ladies. Playdate soon? web9web8web6web3web5web4web1web2

Merry & Her Girls {Laurelhurst Park, Portland, OR}

How lovely are Merry and her girls? I had an opportunity to capture a mini-shoot for them, and really enjoyed following them around for a bit.  Merry is vivacious, funny, and endearing, and the picture of a graceful, engaged mom. As the mom of two younger daughters myself, I watched with interest from behind my lens her interactions with her beautiful girls, for clues as to what might be in my future. I hope to be as close to my daughters as she seems to be!

By the time we started our shoot, both girls were tired, chilly and hungry, but they were troopers anyway. Merry really seemed to want true interactions with her children captured, rather than poses. I hung back and followed them, and did my best to catch those moments. They allowed me to takes some posed shots too.

Thank you ladies, for allowing me to photograph you. It was my pleasure to do so!