Laney & Ben {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland OR}

Yay! July is the month I get to meet up with adorable brother/sister duo Laney and Ben. These two are close to my heart, and I absolutely love photographing them year after year. This time around, it was the Ben show. He was happy, smiling, and delightful. Miss Laney is not so sure about having her photo taken these days, but she was beautiful as ever, and I managed to capture a few smiles.

Thanks for the fun morning Laney and Ben! I hope we can do it again next year!

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Bella, Sophia and Willow {Memorial Park, Wilsonville, OR}

Ah, this beautiful family of daughters (and parents!)! I had such a fun evening with them, observing and capturing the amazing rapport they have with one another. I am quite certain that their Dad hears all too often “You are going to be in trouble in a few years.”

Older sister Bella was sweet and SO tolerant of her younger sisters, allowing them to climb all over her, boosting them up, piggy back rides and the like. I was completely impressed with her love and kindness and beauty. The camera loves soulful middle sister Sophia, and she seemed to enjoy posing for photos. There such a depth and old soul quality to her that I enjoyed capturing, and I think translated beautifully to portraits. And, little Willow is just adorable, playful, and on the go!

Thank you, Girls, for letting me take your portraits. I loved every minute of it!
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The Russell Family {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland, OR}

I’m so excited to introduce you to my neighbors, the Russell Family!

I’ve heard it said that a community is like a body, and if that’s the case, the Russells are definitely a vital organ. They are amazing people, deeply rooted in the Woodlawn neighborhood where I live, and involved with the neighborhood school.  Even with all the hype and hipster street cred. our meager Portland neighborhood has received lately, the Russells’ interests lie squarely with meeting the unseen needs of fellow community members, some of who struggle with difficult issues like hunger and homelessness. They are also raising fantastic children, who I am certain will grow up to be just as service-minded as their folks. They are inspiring to many of us who want to make a difference where we live.

Tim and Cheryl are celebrating 15 years of marriage this month, and so they decided to commemorate the anniversary with family photos. Congratulations on your marriage, Tim and Cheryl, and thank you for the privilege of taking your family portraits! Your marriage and your service are inspirational!

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