Welcome Baby Hewett {Vancouver, WA}

Taisha emailed me for a newborn session in July, and due to the busy summer season, I wasn’t able to fit her in right away. She was kind enough to wait! Fast forward to August, and we were able to meet up on a sweltering, muggy August evening in her lovely home in Vancouver. Despite the heat, Taisha and her husband Drew were so welcoming and kind. Their new baby boy, Hewett, is an adorable blue-eyed slice of perfection! I was practically melting during the shoot, but we captured some wonderful family moments, and even photographed some extended family shots with her parents, who were in town. All in all, a great shoot!   blog1blog4 blog7blog 7blog3blog2bwblog 8blog5blog 6

The Evers Family {The Oak Grove, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR)

Twenty years or so ago, the Evers had their family portrait taken in the Oak Grove at Linfield College.  They returned to be photographed with spouses and children, and it turned out to be a really special shoot! Karen and David have much to be proud of. Thanks, Evers clan, for allowing me to take your family portrait!

Lily {Kelley Point Park, Portland OR}

My firstborn turned seven today. Seven! I can hardly believe it. She made me fall in love with motherhood. Capturing her beautiful face made me fall in love with photography. She’s still my favorite subject, but she’s so much MORE than what I can capture with my camera. Kind-hearted and loyal, creative and incredibly smart. Lily, I am lucky to be your mama, and can’t wait to see what the next seven years holds for you! 

Mateo & Emilio {Peninsula Park, Portland, OR}

Ah, this family! These young men attend school with my children, and back before I knew them well, or had even chatted with their mama, I remember telling my daughter ( after noticing how handsome and polite Mateo was when I volunteered in class), “Be sure you are kind to Mateo, you are going to want to be on his good side in about 10 years!”  Now I count their mama, Jane, as a friend, and have enjoyed getting to know them during swim lessons, on the playground and at birthday parties. I feel so privileged to get to take their family portraits! Thanks you for the opportunity, David, Jane, Mateo and Emilio! Enjoy your photos!

Raylan – {SE Portland, OR}

Meet Raylan! This little cutie was a bit older than the typical newborn when I photographed him,  and therefore was more interactive and smiley than most! Raylan has the most gorgeous blue eyes and sweetest smile. Definitely a handsome little man. 

Krisiey & Family {South Waterfront, Portland OR}

Krisiey is a fellow photographer (her business, Apple of My Eye Photography, is Here) and mama who contacted me to have some family photos taken. She explained that while she takes images of everyone else in her family on a regular basis,  she’s missing from the picture. I can so relate, and was thrilled to get to take photos that centered on the Mama for a change. This was supposed to be a mini session, but there were just too many gorgeous images of Krisiey and her family to narrow down. I loved that she chose a new location to me, the South Waterfront. It was a very grey morning, but I think we managed to get some beautiful images anyway. 
It was a pleasure to photograph you, Krisiey, Albie and girls!

Asa {Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Vancouver, WA}

I was so excited to meet up with Asa and her parents again! At our last session, the family chose Fort Vancouver Park, and I had never been before. I was hopeful they would choose it again, because its such a neat place. And they did. Happy photographer! 
Asa has grown and become even more beautiful, if that’s possible. She has the most adorable bangs and bouncy curls!  I can just tell, she’s the apple of her parents’ eye. I love watching them interact with her.  Despite the full sun we were working with, I love how these images turned out. I hope your family does too, Asa!