Arlo & Etta {Ridgefield, WA}

I had the opportunity to meet up with Arlo and Etta again on a cold, foggy Fall morning. The family has made some major changes and moved to a rural location from the city, and wanted their photos taken on their new property. So fun and special! 
Arlo remained an adorable, expressive little darling (I wish I could share outtakes of all his funny faces from moments when he did NOT want his photo taken) and Etta has transformed from a copper-headed newborn (the last time I photographed her) into the beautiful, happy, blonde haired doll. 
Good luck with all your new adventures in the country, Arlo and Etta! 

Tahmures Q. {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland OR}

 I was so thrilled to get to photograph fellow photographer Rachel Hadiashar and her little family on a recent fall day. Unfortunately for us, the weather had other ideas. We were originally slated to travel to an apple orchard, but with the iffy forecast, we stuck closer to home, visiting a smaller orchard in the local Arboretum instead. Though misty, the weather held, and we were able to capture some family interaction.  Little Tahmures, who could not be cuter with his mop of curls and dimples, is currently in a “Daddy” phase, and stuck close to his Papa, and even got a little surly when his mama came too close. It took a few fall leaves tossed in the air, but he finally came around.

Gavin and Elsa {Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR}

Without question, Elsa, Gavin, Melissa and Paul were the zaniest, most irreverently fun family I’ve ever gotten to photograph.  They have such a playful, goofy chemistry!
Elsa is so strikingly lovely with her blond hair and green eyes, but then she throws a hand on her hip,  sticks her tongue out at her brother, and you know she’s more than a pretty face. This girl has SASS! She may run the world one day. Gavin is so handsome and photogenic, but got over having his photo taken quickly, and instead explored the park, and rolled his eyes at his mom and sister when made to pose. Kept me on my toes for sure. And,  Paul and Melissa are simply gorgeous together.
All in all, a thoroughly entertaining shoot! Thanks Guys!

Henry, Olive and Kate {Camas, WA}

I look forward to my session with this family every Autumn.
Their mama wanted fall color for their photos this year, and I think these photos deliver!
Thank you Henry, Olive and Kate for continuing to be sweet, charming, adorable, wacky, precocious, SweetTart loving children! Your joy continues to come through in photos, making my job easy. 

Tyler Grace & Sawyer {Kelley Point Park, Portland OR}

I’ve known Stephanie and Ty for such a long time, and with this session, I may have topped myself for managing to annoy Ty. I like to think its part of my job as their family photographer, because Ty is just such a fun dude to tease. Sand is not his thing. Dirty river water, also not his thing. But, he’s a good if somewhat grumbly sport, and I appreciate him going along with my off the beaten path location ideas.
 I look forward to our family shoots each year, because seeing this family together warms my heart, teasing and jokes aside. Stephanie and Ty have such a warm, fun banter as a couple, and their girls are sassy and photogenic, my favorite combination. Tyler Grace was full of grins that showed off her adorable missing teeth, and Sawyer, at 2 and 1/2, finally has hair long enough for cutest little girl princess Leia buns.
As always, M. Family, I am honored to capture these precious girls as they grow!


Calvin Jr. – Class of 2014

Student. Football Player. Older Brother. Future Soldier.
All these words describe the young man that is Calvin Jr. As a photographer, I also would add handsome and oh so photogenic.
It was a huge honor to get to take Calvin’s Senior Portraits. I’ve known him since he was a tween, and really can’t believe how he’s grown into a dashing young man.
Best Wishes, CJ, on all that lies ahead! Enjoy your senior year!

Michelle, James and the Baby Bump {Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA}

Man, I loved this session!
Michelle and James are expecting a wee baby boy at the end of November, and Michelle confided that she was on the fence about having Maternity photos taken. I am so glad she contacted me and decided to go for it! She’s a gorgeous pregnant lady, and I’m thrilled we captured her bump for posterity.
Congratulations to both of you, James and Michelle!
You two are lovely people, and I know your new son will be, too. I can’t wait to meet him!

Violet the Pilot {Alberta Park, Portland OR}

Meet Miss Violet, a round, rosy cheeked, hazel-eyed six month old beauty! Her Mama, Erin, in my humble opinion, is the best server in Portland. My family visits her for amazing food and service when I’m not in the mood to cook (read: often). Erin and I were pregnant with our daughters at the same time, and its so lovely to see her as a mama, confident and at ease in with her little. You can tell Violet is truly the center of her world. She and her husband David call Violet “Violet the Pilot” because she loves it when her Daddy flies her around. Her precious face lights up with smiles!
 I enjoyed getting to spend some time both at OMSI and Alberta park, watching her fly and interact with her parents. I’m predicting big things for this little lady!
Thanks Baby Violet, it was lovely hanging out not once but twice!


Levi & Esther {Arbor Lodge, Portland, OR}

I met up with Levi and Esther on a blustery, wet Portland afternoon. We had hoped to get to photograph at a park or other outdoor spot, but the weather did not cooperate, and so instead, these cutie pie’s Mamas welcomed me into their home to shoot. It had been a rough day for both of the kiddos. We just rolled with it and attempted to capture some candid family interaction. Easy enough, this family is brimming with love and sweetness, if not a long attention span. Levi is a constant ball of movement and silliness, though he sat for a long spell while being read to.  Ms. Esther was asleep for most of my visit, but with the sweet, sweet baby smiles she gave me in the brief time while awake, I managed to forgive her.

 Thank you, G family, for making me feel at home. I loved our time together!