Michael and Catheryn are Married! {The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR}

An elegant, stylish couple. A gorgeous hotel. A love story. How could this photographer say no?
Though I’m not often a wedding photographer, I had such a wonderful time capturing Catheryn and Michael’s intimate elopement at the Nines. 
Dashing groom Michael met me in the lobby with the news that the couples’ gorgeously-lit, city view suite was not yet ready. No big deal. The laid back couple finished their wedding preparations in a more modest room. When Catheryn came out in her dress, I was totally wowed. She was so gorgeous!!!! The discovery that Catheryn had left her shoes at home? Well, it made for a bit of a hilarious scramble. Thankfully the officiant had arrived and was able to pick up a new pair. 
Their non-traditional ceremony was simultaneously laid back and elegant, void of the usual fluff, but no less romantic or emotional than any other I’ve captured. Their bond and love for each other was obvious.  
An intimate gathering of friends was held in the hotel restaurant, with drinks, appetizers and joy flowing. Such an honor to be there to capture it!
Congratulations Michael and Catheryn!