Tahmures turns 2! {Portland, OR}

Tahmures turns two this week, and his family flew in from all over to help him celebrate! He is a loved little man. I have never seen this little guy so crazy or joyful. He chased balloons, snuggled with his Gramsy, Nana, and Aunt Maryam, and was very excited about “fire” — a.k.a. the candles on his Hippo Cake.

Happy Birthday, Tahmures! It was so special to get to photograph you on this milestone! 2014-03-29_00012014-03-29_00022014-03-29_00042014-03-29_00162014-03-29_0005 2014-03-29_00032014-03-29_00182014-03-29_00192014-03-29_00172014-03-29_00102014-03-29_0013 2014-03-29_00122014-03-29_00072014-03-29_00092014-03-29_00112014-03-29_00142014-03-29_0015

Lily: Girl In-Between {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

Around March, towards the end of my winter sabbatical, I always get itchy to photograph again. This March, the urge to take photos is extra strong. Yesterday was an incredibly lovely saturday here in Portland, and I was looking for excuses to get out and photograph something, ANYTHING. Lily gave me the perfect one! She really wanted to go to the river to put her toes in the sand, jump off the drifted logs, and hunt for snails and shells. We loaded up the car, jammed to some Pharrell on the drive out to the river, and made an hour or two of it.  She let me take her picture for a little while before she ran off to jump and splash and explore.

There are so many things I notice in these photographs. She has earned some freckles, especially on her right cheek. Her big girl teeth are almost completely in on top. Her ringlets are morphing into waves. And, she looks so very much like a feminine version of her Daddy in these pictures.  I see a girl in between. The pre pre-teen. She still cries when she doesn’t get her way, but she also paints her own toenails. She whispers her secrets to her beloved stuffed animals, YaYa and Mr. JD Pickles, but is also dealing with some grown up issues at school. She needs to be reminded to brush her teeth before bed, but also begs to shave her legs.

This little/big girl is with me for only a short while longer. I will squeeze her into every frame, portrait and snap I can manage.


Joe and Sam {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

I’m finally getting around to blogging my pretty friend Tara’s session with her boys at Kelley Point Park! This shoot was held in late August of last year, one of my busiest times of the year, and so the blogging of these photos was pushed off. I’m happy I finally got back to them, because I LOVE these photos and want to share them with the world. Tara is a talented photographer (check out her work at ohsophoto.com) and really amazing mama to her incredibly handsome boys, Joe and Sam.  She’s also one of my most trusted photography cohorts, and I appreciate her wise advice when it comes to business matters.

Most of the images I captured are of Tara and Sam, as Joe was off playing with my kids and couldn’t be bothered to pose. I don’t really blame him, he’s a well photographed guy. But I love the shots I managed of the three of them best. You can see the love they have for their mama!

Thanks for being such wonderful subjects, Tara, Joe and Sam! It was a pleasure!

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