Camden and Souvie {Howell Park, Portland, OR}

The weather in Portland this week has been AMAZING;  blue sky, blossoms and squealing children around every corner. Sunday was no exception. I knew it was going to be a great morning to meet up with Camden and Souvie.

These two darlings are my friend Ashley’s children, and they a perfect combination of spunky  and adorable. Ashley mentioned at the start of our shoot that the session was essentially a Mother’s Day present to herself, which is well deserved and brilliant. This year I am really trying to encourage Mamas to be in the picture with their children, and not always be the one holding the camera. Ashley has the right idea!

Back to these gorgeous children: Camden has the face of an angel, but I can just see the hint of mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Souvie was a baby last time I photographed her. Now she’s this precious little girl with pigtails and a smile that makes me melt. They were both incredibly well behaved, and made my job so easy.

Sigh. Happy Photographer.

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