Sarah – Turning 40 (1940’s style)

My beautiful friend Sarah is turning 40 later this week…I know! She is stunning, and 40 looks great on her. Sarah wanted to celebrate her milestone with a 1940’s inspired photo shoot. We had so much fun pouring over old photos of 1940’s beauties, Lauren Bacall in particular, for inspiration. Sarah, I think we nailed it! Before I started my Photography business, Sarah was the first person to encourage me. Even though I didn’t really know what I was doing, she saw something in my photos and pushed me to photograph more than just my own kids. When it was time to make the leap into business, I did not have any real confidence in my work, but I chose to borrow the confidence Sarah had in me and went for it. She hired me early on and was always so encouraging. I am pretty sure I would not be in business without her!  I am so grateful to her. Now that she is sticking her own toes into the photography world, I hope I can encourage her in the same way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah! Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration! Check out Sarah’s work at 2014-05-31_00022014-05-31_00012014-05-31_00032014-05-31_00072014-05-31_00082014-05-31_0006

Quinn {Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR}

I was ecstatic to get to see this precious boy and his parents again. I am positive every other photographer thinks this, too, but I definitely have the most beautiful clients.  How perfect is this little guy? Quinn was ahead of the curve at 6 months, and even more so at a year. He is a hulking little muscle man, on the move and keeping his parents on their toes already. On our Saturday evening together, he was full of smiles and sweetness.The pride and love in Josh and Kim’s eyes when they look at Quinn is so beautiful.

I feel blessed to be the one to get to capture it!

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Miles is Six!

My boy is an original for sure, with a constant smile on his face, constant motion in his limbs, and an easy, uproarious laugh that might as well be helium, the way it lifts and expands my heart. Six is moving solidly into the territory where the “little” is dropped from in front of the “kid”. Thank goodness that at six, he still asks for snuggles at bedtime, he still hugs those he loves wholeheartedly and without self-consciousness, and he still beams when I tell him he’s my most favorite boy in the universe.

Q&A with Miles:

What do you want to be when you grow up?    A cook. I also want to be a scientist. 

What is your favorite thing about school?   Recess.

What are you really good at?  Sports. Cooking. Drawing.  Adventures. 

What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m smart.  And my curly hair.

What is something you dream about?  That I’m faster than a cheetah.


JUMP Laney and Benjamin

Oh, Laney and Ben…I love our yearly May session. This year topped them all. For the first time, BOTH of you were happy and cooperative. AT THE SAME TIME.  Fantastic! I think you were both just enjoying the water and sand and sunshine, and it sure was fun to capture it.  2014-05-25_00132014-05-25_00122014-05-25_00142014-05-25_00162014-05-25_00032014-05-25_00172014-05-25_00072014-05-25_00022014-05-25_0006 2014-05-25_0008 2014-05-25_0010 2014-05-25_00112014-05-25_0004

Baby Peri – Singing in the Rain {Tula Bakery}

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, they turn out even better than expected. Such was the case with little Peri’s session.

Her mama Morgan contacted me to set up an outdoor shoot for her family at a local park. Though the weather has been reaching record setting highs during the week, our Sunday morning was looking rainy. No worries! Morgan, Bob and Peri were up for anything, and we settled on a bit of a lifestyle shoot in their home, some strolling and singing in the rain, and breakfast and stories at a local coffee shop.

It was such a fun change of routine for me to simply follow Peri and her parents around on their Sunday morning, the pace felt downright leisurely, and Peri is such a happy child, with stunning blue eyes and pink cheeks. Bob and Morgan are very authentic people, not to mention the coolest first time parents ever. They did not mind Peri getting a bit wet or muddy. Bob played and sang tunes for his little girl, and Peri and I were both entertained. I loved that they really wanted their photos to represent them, and not be overly posed or stiff.

Thanks Morgan and Bob! I cannot tell you how much fun I had during our session!

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