Ava, Vivian and Eliza {George Rogers Park }

What can be said about this amazing session with this gorgeous family? The light and weather were perfect, the family were complete naturals when posing, and in between, they were hilarious together!

Ava, the oldest beauty, was polite, graceful and really watched out for her youngest sister. Despite our session making her an hour late for a birthday party, she was cheery and cooperative. Vivian is so aptly named, she leapt, jumped and laughed through the entire session, and has such a dazzling smile. And, little Eliza was very much the youngest, wanting to do everything herself, and being fiercely independent.

Sommer and Josh, it was a huge honor to get to photograph your girls! Enjoy your photos!


Where We Live | July {St Johns Bridge/Sauvie Is.}

Its time for another edition of Where We Live, the blog circle project I’m participating in! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to see the hometowns of other amazing photographers.


Slowly, shapes began  to emerge from the cloud:
a distant green arch, a giant coiling cable.
The cloud of fog began to dissipate,
revealing more and more
of this hidden structure
until a massive bridge stood before Prue
Its vast span was interrupted by a pair of wide, flat towers,
hundreds of feet high,
each inset with a series of cathedral-like arches of varying sizes.

(From Wildwood, by Colin Meloy)


There are no less than 10 bridges connecting the East and West sides of Portland. Gephyrophobics, you’ve been warned!  By far the most beautiful is the St. John’s Bridge, connecting the St. Johns neighborhood to NW Portland and the Forest Park area. Below the bridge is Cathedral park, so named by the shapes the bridge’s columns create on the underside. Its a popular photography location in its own right. But the bridge!  No matter how many times I cross it, the structure never fails to amaze me with its stature and beauty.

Sauvie Island is one of the largest River Islands in the US, and was originally named Wapato Island by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Island is made up of gorgeous rolling hills, sandy beaches,  amazing views of Mt. St. Helens, and of course, farm after farm of delicious produce.  We take an annual blueberry picking trip to Sauvie Island every July. Here are a few photos from our trek across the great bridge and onto the Island.




Please follow the circle around for more amazing photos. Next up, the amazing Christa Paustenbaugh.

Tahmures and Soon-To-Be Baby Sister {Columbia Children’s Arboretum}

Another marathon maternity session! My friend Rachel and her beautiful family of soon-to-be four met me at our favorite spot, the Columbia Children’s Arboretum. Tahmures did great this time around, especially considering we started the shoot at his bedtime!  They are such a stylish family, no?

A week later, I photographed Rachel on her own,  at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm, and at a rugged wildlife area. I’m still recovering from all the mosquito bites, but it was totally worth it! Rachel is such a radiant mama, and really seems to savor her pregnancies and celebrate the changes to her form. This makes sense, I suppose, since she’s a crazy talented boudoir photographer. I really can’t believe she’s only 3 weeks away from giving birth in these photos!

Rachel, Ali, and Tahmures, I am so incredibly excited to meet this little girl! May her entry into the world be blessed.


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Trent, Jesse, & Baby makes Three! {Discovery Center, The Dalles, OR}

My best friend, her adorable boys, and her precious baby bump were recently in town. Its been much too long since I’ve seen her face. Her boys were so tiny last time, babies, and now they are BOYS. We had a bit of a marathon maternity session over two days, some images shot in the Dalles at both the gorgeous Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, and the Lewis & Clark Rock Fort site, and in Portland at my favorite spot, Kelley Point Park. In between, we bummed around The Dalles and Portland, ate delicious food, drank coffee (okay, I drank coffee,  smoothies for her!), laughed, cried, and wished desperately that we didn’t reside on opposite coasts.  Its no secret that I show love through photography;  if I love you, I definitely want to photograph you. Getting to take Amy’s portrait, especially at this special time in her life, did my heart good!

Love you Girl, can’t wait to see you and this baby SOON!




Maddie and Abbie {Lacamas Lake, Camas, WA}

Maddie and Abbie turned 7 and 2 in June, and I had the privilege of taking their birthday photos! They are just as adorable as the last time I saw them, Maddie very happy to smile and pose, and Abbie, in typical two year old fashion,  just wanted to run and play. We made several attempts at convincing Abbie to hold still, but she was just too animated and joyful to be bothered. Oh, to have her energy! You should really see her shimmy up a slide, gravity defying, I tell you!

In addition to their parents, Suzanne and CJ, the girls brought along their grandparents, who were very kind and absolutely adorable together. I was so glad they were part of the shoot this time!

Thanks, Girls, for a fun evening by that lake!