Class of 2015: Kylah

What to say about this particular Senior Beauty? Well, when I met her, she was barely three, with precious pigtails and few words. Her radiant smile said it all. This dear niece of mine, now 18, still has the same radiant, warm, kind smile that speaks volumes about her heart. She is one of the most tender-hearted spirits I know. She also happens to be gorgeous, with warm brown eyes, and the cutest freckles ever.

Kylah, I could not be more proud of you, and am so excited to see what’s next in your journey! In the meantime, enjoy the heck out of your Senior year! Love you, dear Niece.

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Evelyn and Gus {Westmoreland Park, Portland OR}

I have had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family several times now, most recently when little Gus was a tiny, new thing. Evelyn has always been a favorite subject: She has this bright, boisterous, charming personality, and intense, deep brown eyes that just melt me. Seeing her brother, who was a newborn the last time, as this toddling, round bellied, doe-eyed ball of energy and cuteness was amazing! He is only a little younger than Ev was the first time I met her. Time moves so fast!

We tried a new location, the recently remodeled Westmoreland Park. Its going to be fantastic when all of the orange fencing comes down! We stuck to a few main areas that were accessible, including a small footbridge. The children chased geese, and played like crazy with sticks. All in all, a fun morning! Thanks, Evelyn and Gus!

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Eloise {Laurelhurst Park, Portland OR}

Meet beautiful Eloise! She is dainty, and feminine, and about as happy as they come. Her blue eyes sparkle. And, she never stops moving. I met up with Eloise and her parents, Jared and Carra,  over Labor Day weekend, and wouldn’t you know, it rained. Most of our session. I was so bummed, although we got several adorable shots, rain was visible in most of them!

So, Eloise and her parents met me again on a much drier day, and we were able to complete the session, rounding it out with lots of Eloise action shots!

Thanks, Jared and Carra, for allowing me to capture your precious girl! She is amazing!

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Class of 2015: Madeline

Meet Madeline! She’s just a tiny pixie of a person, but harbors ferocious amounts of beauty, charisma and grace.

During our shoot, Madeline’s fashion morphed from a Rosie the Riveter vibe, to a pretty in pink debutante princess, to a sophisticated girl in black, and finally into the most unique, Asian inspired funky ensemble. She looked stunning in it all, and she remained “Madeline” in it all.

She has an interest in politics and journalism, and I have no doubt this girl can go far.

Madeline, enjoy your last year of High School!  I look forward to keeping tabs on your journey as you conquer the world!

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Class of 2015: Emily and Sarah

Meet Emily and Sarah!

Lifelong friends, the pair have been photographed together since birth. It seems so fun and fitting that they would also be photographed together for their senior portraits! They are both bright, humorous spirits, and I enjoyed our session together so much! My favorite part was when they suggested that it would be fun to steal the shopping cart hanging around and go for a ride. Best idea ever.

Emily has humongous, gorgeous blue eyes than shone brightly in every image I took, as well as a formidable gaze that I understand she has honed as a star pitcher. Sarah has these amazing sea green eyes and a tall, graceful presence, she was incredibly at ease in front of my camera.  Both made my job easy.

Girls, enjoy this special time! It was wonderful to meet you and be a part of this chapter in your lives! All the best!