Tyler and Sawyer {Camas, WA}

Oh, how I love these three ladies! We had a beautiful evening leaping, swinging, exploring and dancing at sunset.

                                                                                         {Heart. Full.}

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Breakfast at Peri’s {North Portland}

I feel like I have 20 adorable anecdotes about this wonderful family; way too many to share in this small blog post. I’ll do my best to give the highlights!

I showed up at Bob and Morgan’s door on a Sunday morning, and found them all still in their pajamas. After a rough night with their almost two year old, they scrapped the idea for well dressed family portraits, and instead asked if I might just capture them making breakfast in their PJ’s. This new plan came with really good coffee. Happy to, yes, indeed!

There may have been a minor mishap with some spilled eggs, but sausage and pancakes smelled so good, and Peri looked like mini Cat Cora in her apron over Olaf Pajamas. Bob kept trying to convince Morgan to have a family portrait in their Boba Fet and Princess Leia aprons.  Morgan was not impressed by this idea, but I thought it was hilarious.

Once breakfast was cooked and served, and Peri had a full belly, everyone got dressed, and we headed to the playground for some play time and more photos. Peri had no interest in sitting for pictures with her folks, she ONLY wanted to slide. She slid with total joy, over and over. So, Peri, this is almost two! Cooking and sliding for your portraits. I love that you and your family do things your own way! Thanks for letting me document it.




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Expecting: Amy {Columbia Children’s Arboretum}

Oh, Man! Meet my  beautiful friend Amy. This woman was the very first friend I made in my Portland neighborhood, almost a decade ago. We are the same age and come from the same hometown, though we didn’t know each other in our growing up years. Upon meeting in PDX, there was just a “click”  and a familiarity that bonded us, and through the years she has been a running partner, a happy hour companion, and a listening ear. Amy is one of the smartest people I know, and also one of the kindest. I am so thrilled for her and her husband, Rodrigo, to welcome a baby girl.

Amy, congratulations! You have always been amazing at everything you do; I am so excited that “mother” will be added to that list!
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Alayah & Jaela {Columbia Children’s Arboretum}

This is the blog post in which I admit that I approached these gorgeous girls’ Mama about photographing them. I never do that! People generally come to me, that’s how this thing works.  It helped that their Mama, Tierra, and I had already been chatting, and she has such a friendly, kind and approachable vibe. I later learned she is a Doula, which made perfect sense! She possesses all the qualities I would want in a Doula.

Anyway, back to these beauties. Tierra graciously agreed to allow me to photograph the girls for a shoot I’d been dreaming up for a while, we chose the Arboretum as the location, and loose curls and white dresses. Alayah was so sweet, and mothering to her younger sister, definitely an old and gentle soul behind those beautiful eyes, and Jaela is spirited, temperamental (as all 4 year olds are!) and ridiculously cute.

Tierra, Alayah and Jaela, thank you for the honor of photographing you!


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Henry, Olive and Kate {Vancouver Library, Vancouver WA}



Its been a while since I’ve photographed these three fantastic kids. I was so happy to see them again! They have changed, but stayed the same. Henry is now reading the Harry Potter series (doesn’t he favor Harry a bit?) and definitely has a new maturity. Miss Olive told me that her favorite day of the week is Wednesday, and took to calling me “Mrs. Smiley” in her adorably cheerful voice. Kate was a big fan of making silly faces, and was just the sweetest kid and most compliant subject.

Henry, Olive and Kate, thanks for always making my job easy. You three are so bright and so delightful, I always look forward to our time. Enjoy the photos!

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