I told him that he was not allowed to turn 7. “We will have a party, but you are not allowed to get any older.” He did not like this idea.  So, seven he is.

He has discovered football this year. Not watching it, but playing it, and he wants to do nothing else. He will throw the ball to himself and dive to catch it, over and over. He will beg to play with his dad, every day. I thought about editing out his cuts, scrapes and bruises in his birthday photos, but they are just such a part of him. He thinks nothing of sacrificing his body in the moment for a catch or save.

He still loves to cook. He now bakes muffins for the family, from start to finish. He will ask me to set the oven temperature, and he will do the rest. He has become obsessed with making Truffles, and wanted to know if we could try mixing bacon in to create chocolate bacon truffles, an idea I though was not half bad!

I interviewed him again this year, but he was definitely more self-conscious, less creative with his answers than last year. I videotaped it this time around, and what I love are not his answers, but the non-verbal aspects. His big boy curls, his easy and constant smile, the way he still can’t say his “r’s” perfectly. If I had my way, he’d have that lisp forever. (video at the end).

Happy Birthday, Miles! I love you to the moon and back!2015-05-26_0017  2015-05-26_00202015-05-26_00212015-05-26_0019 2015-05-26_0018


Laney & Ben {Sellwood Park}

These gorgeous kids belong to my sweet friend Beth and her husband Dean. I love getting to be their photographer and capture their family at a new stage of family life, and in a new location, every year.

Ben and Laney are currently high energy, and don’t hold still for long!  Laney, in particular, never stops leaping and twirling, running and climbing.  She has beautiful hair which she is forever brushing out of her face, in that precious little girl way.

Ben is into sticks at the moment, and had some very fun ninja moves to show me, complete with sound effects and intense faces. It was very tough not to giggle.

Laney and Ben, thank you for always making things fun and easy! Enjoy your photos!


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Nolan & Ryan {North Portland}

Aren’t Nolan and Ryan absolutely adorable? These two cuties belong to my son’s teacher, who both of my older children have been lucky to be in class with. Their mama is beautiful and sweet, but also firm (in a good way! So necessary for my rambunctious boy!) and organized. I really appreciate her work with Miles this year.

Little Ryan has roundness and chubs for days, and her smile is infectious. And, not surprisingly, she saved all of her biggest smiles for her big brother, Nolan. Nolan is active and athletic and so handsome.

It was a joy to spend the morning with them both!2015-05-11_00162015-05-11_00142015-05-11_00182015-05-11_00172015-05-12_0004

Sophia {Kelley Point Park, Portland}

Meet Sophia, one of the smartest and most determined 4 year olds I’ve encountered! The first thing she said to me upon our meeting was “Is it okay if I wear this?” showing me her own outfit selection, which differed from what her parents picked out. I immediately loved her independent spirit! She is whip smart, beautiful, and very sure of what she does and does not want to do. Definitely a future leader!

Sophia’s “Anne” (pronounced “Ah-knee” – turkish for Mother, love this word!) is my own daughter’s beloved third grade teacher. She has really brought out the best in Lily this year, with equal measures of  challenge and encouragement.  I was so excited to get to spend a morning with her, and meet her lovely wife, Erin, and of course, little Sophia.

As with all 4 year olds, Sophia was drawn to the sand. It was honestly hard to tear her away, but we managed to fit in some climbing and jumping, ballet and yoga moves, and even some posing.

Thank you, Sophia, for the privilege of photographing you and your people! You were a great subject!

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