Another warm evening session with brother/sister duo Abbie and Aidan, and their fantastic parents. I always look forward to my sessions with this family, and they exceed my expectations each time, in their kindness, and in the photos I capture. Their mom Julie picked one of my favorite but least utilized spots for photos, Cathedral Park in the St. Johns area.
Abbie and Aidan have such a fun rapport with one another, it remained true that no pose I could come up with would beat how they naturally interacted. They are likely to shove each other and stick out their tongues, and then a moment later throw an arm around one another as they walked around the park. So adorable and true of the brother/sister relationship!
Aidan looks so much like his Mom, its uncanny, and Abbie has such a beautiful, soulful presence in photos, I could capture her all day and not get bored. Thanks kiddos!
 As usual, I loved getting to photograph you!

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