Hello and Welcome.


As a lifelong people watcher, I’ve always looked for the beauty in others.

And, as a mother, I want more than the fuzzy, big picture retrospective my mind captures. I want memories that are captured WELL, full of the beautiful intricacies of my children.  We all want that!

As a photographer, I am passionate about documenting the unique visual stories of families. Whether its the perfection of ringlets and bows and pink cheeks, or the imperfection of skinned knees, dirty fingernails and a well-loved, daily worn t-shirt, I find beauty in both.  I do my best work when my clients forget I’m even there, and authentically interact with each other, rather than the camera.

Lets choose an outdoor location in the Portland, Vancouver, or Salem area.
You bring the love. I’ll capture the details.

Contact me at Kersten@kerstengreenphotography.com to schedule a session.