Adorable baby Noah, along with his parents, Matt and Molly, were in town for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends. Matt’s sister (Stephanie), and I have been friends for many years, so I remember Matt from when he was a high-schooler. Fast forward, and wow, is it different to see Matt as a dad!

Noah is a beautiful, happy baby, thanks, I’m sure in part, to Matt. He’s one of the most attentive… concerned dads I’ve ever encountered. Molly, Stephanie and I had a good laugh watching him fuss over Noah, making sure his cheeks weren’t cold, his nose wasn’t running, and swaddling him in a blanket every 10 snaps of the camera. It really was cute to watch. Matt’s a super good dad.
I was also able to capture Noah with his cousins, Tyler and Sawyer, and he was all smiles for big cousin Tyler. It was really cute to watch them interact!
Thanks, Molly and Matt, for letting me capture your cute little man! He’s just a doll!
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