This Baby…
has been hoped for,
prayed over, longed for,


This baby
has so very many people who love him.
And yet…

Not a single living person, only God, knew he existed until the very day he was born.
Not his parents, grandparents, no doctors, not even the young woman who carried him, until the moment she gave birth to him in her bathtub. Imagine her shock! She had not expected him. And yet…
She loved him.


And she gave him a great gift. She chose the very best people I can think of to be his parents. Congratulations to my best friend and her husband on their miraculous baby boy! Photographing him on his 6th day of life was amazing; he is truly one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.
I look forward to being his “auntie” for at least the next 18 years!

9 thoughts on “Baby Trent – Seattle WA

  1. Auntie Kersten, you have so beautifully captured this little guy’s story – in words and pictures. So many gifts: from God, from a selfless birth-mom, and from a talented, loving friend who has shared her talents to record Trent’s first days in our family. Thank you – Grandma Marilyn

  2. Awesome job capturing a true God story…both in words and photos!! LOVE IT!!! Congrats again, Amy!!
    -Penny King

  3. Jed & Amy , we are so very happy along with you for God’s little love bundle. Knowing the Rock solid focus and commitment of your hearts we are delighted for all of you, deeply aware that Trent is no less a gift to you than you are to Trent. Kersten has beautifully captured a tender moment and along with it our hearts. db

  4. What a wonderful Gift. Such a beautiful baby boy. Congratulation Jed & Amy. It looks like you will see a lot more of a proud Grandma Marilyn in the days and weeks to come. Well done Kersten.
    Wayne & Libby

  5. Kersten, I just keep thinking about this story. It’s crazy; crazy amazing. This boy’s got an angel on his shoulder, I’m sure of it. xoxoxo Laura

  6. Beautifully told Kersten!!! Jedd and Amy you know how thrilled we are for you! What a precious gift God has given to the two of you and what a precious gift God has given Trent… two as his parents! We are praising Him for His goodness and grace to you THREE! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you guys!!
    Love: Matt and Lyndee

  7. Trent is my great, great nephew as Jedd’s dad, John, is my nephew…What a beautiful picture-story tribute. Congratulations to the new family.