Nolan & Ryan {North Portland}

Aren’t Nolan and Ryan absolutely adorable? These two cuties belong to my son’s teacher, who both of my older children have been lucky to be in class with. Their mama is beautiful and sweet, but also firm (in a good way! So necessary for my rambunctious boy!) and organized. I really appreciate her work with Miles this year.

Little Ryan has roundness and chubs for days, and her smile is infectious. And, not surprisingly, she saved all of her biggest smiles for her big brother, Nolan. Nolan is active and athletic and so handsome.

It was a joy to spend the morning with them both!2015-05-11_00162015-05-11_00142015-05-11_00182015-05-11_00172015-05-12_0004

Baby Jaxon and Big Sister Madison {Banks, OR}

Well, hello there, blog! Its been a while! I’ve been busy TAKING photos  for amazing families and seniors over the last 3 to 4 months, and sharing photos via blogpost fell by the wayside. Its a new year, so I’m back blogging sessions again. Im hoping to blog older sessions, too!

First up, new baby Jaxon and big sister Madison. Madison is a doting, energetic big sister to this little guy, and in between all the big sister sweetness, she showed me her room, her headstands, her twirls, her closet, her favorite stuffed animals. She even showed me her loose teeth. She is mesmerizing.

And, her new brother definitely takes after her! His skin was so gorgeous, not a trace of baby acne, and his hair was coppery and wavy and so sweet. He was content to be held, but needed the reassuring sounds of his family around him when we tried to lay him down on his own. He needed his people!

Madison and Jaxon, thank you so much for allowing me to capture you both during this special time. Your family is just lovely, and I came away from our session with a huge smile on my face. Enjoy your photos!

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Owen and Kieran {Alberta Park, Portland, OR}

I’m finally getting to blog these photos of new baby Kieran, and his family! Kieran fits his name to a “T”, as his mommy informed me that Kieran means “dark headed one”. I think he looks like a dark headed version of his big brother, Owen.  Kieran was sweet and sleepy until he very end of our session, while big brother Owen was crazy and energetic and kept his parents, his Dad especially, on their toes. We met at Alberta park and captured some baby and family shots, as well as some crazy Owen shots. We then finished up at home with the family, where Owen showed me his guitar skills, and his grandma sang him folk songs. Adorable!

Thanks, Warner Family, for allowing me to capture Kieran’s newness!


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Henry and Family {Selfie Challenge Winner!}

I was so thrilled to finally get to photograph this lovely family, the winners of my Selfie Challenge! After at least 4 (yes…FOUR) weather reschedules, baby Henry,  his parents Hilary and Aaron, and I were finally able to meet up. Hilary is the owner and creative force behind Lumafina, a gorgeous high end jewelry brand you absolutely must check out.

At first, Henry was all smiles and cooperation, even though our session started pretty late in the evening for a 1o month old. As the evening wore on, Henry lost interest in the lady with the camera, and was thoroughly fascinated by the many planes flying over Fort Vancouver Historic Site. He even makes the most adorable airplane sounds when he sees one!

His parents are so full of love for this boy. No matter how many families I photograph, the bond between parents and their children is so individual and special, a unique relationship unlike any I’ve seen before, and it takes my breath away every time. Thank you, Hilary, for entering my contest. I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family!2014-06-05_00022014-06-05_0001

2014-06-05_0019 2014-06-05_00112014-06-05_0021

Quinn {Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR}

I was ecstatic to get to see this precious boy and his parents again. I am positive every other photographer thinks this, too, but I definitely have the most beautiful clients.  How perfect is this little guy? Quinn was ahead of the curve at 6 months, and even more so at a year. He is a hulking little muscle man, on the move and keeping his parents on their toes already. On our Saturday evening together, he was full of smiles and sweetness.The pride and love in Josh and Kim’s eyes when they look at Quinn is so beautiful.

I feel blessed to be the one to get to capture it!

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Baby Peri – Singing in the Rain {Tula Bakery}

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, they turn out even better than expected. Such was the case with little Peri’s session.

Her mama Morgan contacted me to set up an outdoor shoot for her family at a local park. Though the weather has been reaching record setting highs during the week, our Sunday morning was looking rainy. No worries! Morgan, Bob and Peri were up for anything, and we settled on a bit of a lifestyle shoot in their home, some strolling and singing in the rain, and breakfast and stories at a local coffee shop.

It was such a fun change of routine for me to simply follow Peri and her parents around on their Sunday morning, the pace felt downright leisurely, and Peri is such a happy child, with stunning blue eyes and pink cheeks. Bob and Morgan are very authentic people, not to mention the coolest first time parents ever. They did not mind Peri getting a bit wet or muddy. Bob played and sang tunes for his little girl, and Peri and I were both entertained. I loved that they really wanted their photos to represent them, and not be overly posed or stiff.

Thanks Morgan and Bob! I cannot tell you how much fun I had during our session!

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Landree turns One {Children’s Arboretum, Portland OR}

My littlest baby is turning one! A year ago, she completed our family. She is the most perfect punctuation at the end of a wonderful chapter. 
Her curls are wild.  Her cheeks are delicious. She squeals and shrieks with such zeal and volume that heads turn everywhere we go.  Each day, we are finding out a bit more about her. 
She loves books! She loves dogs! She can eat bowl after bowl of Pumpkin Soup!  
She doesn’t say “Mama” or “Dada” yet, but she can say “Kitty” and “Dog”. She adores her older brother and sister, and other kids, in general, delight her. 
Landree, your joy rubs off on me daily. I am grateful to be the recipient of your giggles, open-mouthed kisses, snuggles, and love. Your Daddy and I think its the most wonderful mystery unraveling before us, getting to discover who you are, as we help you learn and grow. 

No matter what, we could not love you more. 
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!