Jesse and Abbie: Grand Teton Wedding

Its hard to think of a couple I’ve come across more in love than Jesse and Abbie. Abbie’s groom dotes on her, is unabashed in his declarations of love for her, may even shed a tear or two when talking about her. And Abbie, for her part, just glows when around him. I was so happy and honored to get to be the photographer who captured the story of their day, in the most beautiful of places. Abbie and Jesse, wishing you many years of love, health and togetherness!

I am excited to see what’s next for you two! xoxo




Laney & Ben {Sellwood Park}

These gorgeous kids belong to my sweet friend Beth and her husband Dean. I love getting to be their photographer and capture their family at a new stage of family life, and in a new location, every year.

Ben and Laney are currently high energy, and don’t hold still for long!  Laney, in particular, never stops leaping and twirling, running and climbing.  She has beautiful hair which she is forever brushing out of her face, in that precious little girl way.

Ben is into sticks at the moment, and had some very fun ninja moves to show me, complete with sound effects and intense faces. It was very tough not to giggle.

Laney and Ben, thank you for always making things fun and easy! Enjoy your photos!


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Tyler and Sawyer {Camas, WA}

Oh, how I love these three ladies! We had a beautiful evening leaping, swinging, exploring and dancing at sunset.

                                                                                         {Heart. Full.}

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