Henry, Olive and Kate {Vancouver Library, Vancouver WA}



Its been a while since I’ve photographed these three fantastic kids. I was so happy to see them again! They have changed, but stayed the same. Henry is now reading the Harry Potter series (doesn’t he favor Harry a bit?) and definitely has a new maturity. Miss Olive told me that her favorite day of the week is Wednesday, and took to calling me “Mrs. Smiley” in her adorably cheerful voice. Kate was a big fan of making silly faces, and was just the sweetest kid and most compliant subject.

Henry, Olive and Kate, thanks for always making my job easy. You three are so bright and so delightful, I always look forward to our time. Enjoy the photos!

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(K.) Lily {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

Its mid-March, and I’m looking for ways to dust the rust off my camera and find my groove before my busy spring schedule starts.  My Lily and I both love Kelley Point Park, and we had a lovely afternoon thrift shopping for a dress (Thanks, Button!), and then shooting our annual spring portrait session at KPP.


Hannah and Graham {Sellwood Park, Portland}

I had such a fun session with Hannah and Graham! They are beautiful children, silly and lively, just the type I love to photograph. Graham fixed his own mohawk the morning of our shoot, and his mom, figuring it was best to capture the children as they are, rolled with it. I’m so glad she did! His hair was absolutely the cutest, and matched the wildness of his personality. Perfect.


And, Hannah, the well mannered older sister, so lovely and graceful, with her Mommy’s blue eyes and blonde hair. She and her brother were more than happy to hug and snuggle, mostly without being asked!

Thank you, Hannah and Graham, Laura and Travis, for being such wonderful subjects! I thoroughly enjoyed our morning together!


Abby and Aiden

An evening with beautiful light. A new location that exceeded expectations. A family I always look forward to catching up with. Sessions like this remind me why I have the best job!

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Evelyn and Gus {Westmoreland Park, Portland OR}

I have had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family several times now, most recently when little Gus was a tiny, new thing. Evelyn has always been a favorite subject: She has this bright, boisterous, charming personality, and intense, deep brown eyes that just melt me. Seeing her brother, who was a newborn the last time, as this toddling, round bellied, doe-eyed ball of energy and cuteness was amazing! He is only a little younger than Ev was the first time I met her. Time moves so fast!

We tried a new location, the recently remodeled Westmoreland Park. Its going to be fantastic when all of the orange fencing comes down! We stuck to a few main areas that were accessible, including a small footbridge. The children chased geese, and played like crazy with sticks. All in all, a fun morning! Thanks, Evelyn and Gus!

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Eloise {Laurelhurst Park, Portland OR}

Meet beautiful Eloise! She is dainty, and feminine, and about as happy as they come. Her blue eyes sparkle. And, she never stops moving. I met up with Eloise and her parents, Jared and Carra,  over Labor Day weekend, and wouldn’t you know, it rained. Most of our session. I was so bummed, although we got several adorable shots, rain was visible in most of them!

So, Eloise and her parents met me again on a much drier day, and we were able to complete the session, rounding it out with lots of Eloise action shots!

Thanks, Jared and Carra, for allowing me to capture your precious girl! She is amazing!

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Natalie & Christopher {Sellwood Park, SE Portland}

I love, love, LOVE getting to meet and photograph new families! This was the first time I’ve captured adorable Christopher and Natalie, and man, were they wonderful subjects! Sweet and smiley, loving toward one another, and amazingly focused and able to follow instructions.  A rare trio of traits amongst the younger set. I was impressed and grateful! They were so easy on me!

I think they are each a “mini-me” of their parents, Natalie with her dark hair and eyes looks like her Daddy, and Christopher has his mommy’s gorgeous smile, and her dimple too! The kids ran, cartwheeled, and explored all around Sellwood Park, and hopefully had almost as much fun as I did!

Thanks Natalie and Christopher, for such a sweet session! I hope you love your photos as much as I do!


Oliver and Zaeda {Fields Bridge Park, West Linn}

I always look forward to seeing Oliver and Zaeda! They grow and change each year, of course, but there are also constants: They are amazingly silly kids, and amazingly good to each other. Oliver has recently lost some key teeth and has the cutest smile! And, Zaeda, who is just this mesmerizing little ball of energy, gave herself a haircut in the not too distant past. She’s now sporting some adorable pixie bangs! Its so special for me to get to capture theses fleeting details of their childhood.

This year, we did our usual round of posed images, and then the kids played for a while on the playground. I think so much of their personality comes through in the “play” photos. Oliver is cautiously determined,  Zaeda, brave, capable and a bit wild.

Thank you Oliver and Zaeda, for letting me capture you once again! Until next time!

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Lily is Eight. {Portland, OR}

She’s full of big ideas and big emotions. She speaks thoughtfully, with the vocabulary of someone older. She is beautiful. She has an incredibly big heart for other people who are hurting.  She loves to talk about history. She is able to get creative with any scrap of paper, twine, or junk she is given. She has a competitive fire for athletics. She is social and never afraid to raise her hand with a question, or an answer. She is dramatic, (sometimes over-dramatic).  She is a loyal and forgiving friend.

She is so very loved and is affectionately known as “Sissy” to our family.

And now, she is eight!


 Q&A with Lily:

What do you want to be when you grow up?  An Artist, an Actress, an Author or an Athlete. Or maybe an Illustrator.

What is your favorite thing about school?   Art, and Math.

What are you really good at?  Sketching, and talking in a british accent.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m really, really smart. I like my hair and freckles, I’m kind (sideways glance to her brother and sister )…to most people, besides my sister and brother.

What is something you dream about? Going to the moon.

Zachary, Elias and Addie {Kelley Point Park}

There is so much to be said about this wonderful family! Mary is a friend from many years back, and was one of the first clients I ever had the privilege of photographing, back when I first started my business.

Zachary and Elias were just babies then, and now, they are tall, athletic boys!  Zachary has the most amazing heart, and it seems to overflow right into the twinkle of his bright blue eyes. He is very obviously the older brother, very nurturing, and spent the entire session begging for and plotting a special picture of just he and his baby sister. Melt!

Elias is this tall, active creature, who cooperated on his own terms during our shoot, and those terms usually involved having a stick in his hand! Eli very much looks like his Uncle Mike. I could see the resemblance to Mary’s younger brother immediately. I’m going to call now that the kid is going to be a distance runner. He ran from spot to spot during our shoot and just seems a natural at it.

Little Addie is so incredibly precious, with deep, soulful eyes and a way about her that is seems cautious and stoic at times, but then I would catch a glimpse of her smile, and it was just magic. She is very clearly the apple of her family’s eye.

A little photographer’s secret: Posing couples is sometimes awkward and difficult, and natural interaction can be hard to come by. Mary and Jeff were hands down the EASIEST couple to photograph ever. They are affectionate in such a genuine way, the best photos I took of them were the ones where they didn’t even know they were being photographed. Seeing Mary happy and surrounded by this amazing bunch did my heart so much good, and reminded me why I love my job.

Mary, I love these photos so much, and hope you do too!