Henry and Family {Selfie Challenge Winner!}

I was so thrilled to finally get to photograph this lovely family, the winners of my Selfie Challenge! After at least 4 (yes…FOUR) weather reschedules, baby Henry,  his parents Hilary and Aaron, and I were finally able to meet up. Hilary is the owner and creative force behind Lumafina, a gorgeous high end jewelry brand you absolutely must check out.

At first, Henry was all smiles and cooperation, even though our session started pretty late in the evening for a 1o month old. As the evening wore on, Henry lost interest in the lady with the camera, and was thoroughly fascinated by the many planes flying over Fort Vancouver Historic Site. He even makes the most adorable airplane sounds when he sees one!

His parents are so full of love for this boy. No matter how many families I photograph, the bond between parents and their children is so individual and special, a unique relationship unlike any I’ve seen before, and it takes my breath away every time. Thank you, Hilary, for entering my contest. I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family!2014-06-05_00022014-06-05_0001

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