Expecting: Amy {Columbia Children’s Arboretum}

Oh, Man! Meet my  beautiful friend Amy. This woman was the very first friend I made in my Portland neighborhood, almost a decade ago. We are the same age and come from the same hometown, though we didn’t know each other in our growing up years. Upon meeting in PDX, there was just a “click”  and a familiarity that bonded us, and through the years she has been a running partner, a happy hour companion, and a listening ear. Amy is one of the smartest people I know, and also one of the kindest. I am so thrilled for her and her husband, Rodrigo, to welcome a baby girl.

Amy, congratulations! You have always been amazing at everything you do; I am so excited that “mother” will be added to that list!
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Alexis & Dominic + Baby {Frenchman’s Bar Park, Vancouver, WA}

Alexis will be welcoming a new baby girl any day! She’s such a radiant mama-to-be,  and is already a wonderful mom to her little boy, Dominic. All of this beautiful February weather made for a gorgeous golden hour shoot, and I’m so pleased with how our shoot unfolded.

Congratulations, Alexis and Bug! I can’t wait for word when this little beauty arrives.2015-02-16_00052015-02-16_00032015-02-16_00022015-02-16_0004




Tahmures and Soon-To-Be Baby Sister {Columbia Children’s Arboretum}

Another marathon maternity session! My friend Rachel and her beautiful family of soon-to-be four met me at our favorite spot, the Columbia Children’s Arboretum. Tahmures did great this time around, especially considering we started the shoot at his bedtime!  They are such a stylish family, no?

A week later, I photographed Rachel on her own,  at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm, and at a rugged wildlife area. I’m still recovering from all the mosquito bites, but it was totally worth it! Rachel is such a radiant mama, and really seems to savor her pregnancies and celebrate the changes to her form. This makes sense, I suppose, since she’s a crazy talented boudoir photographer. I really can’t believe she’s only 3 weeks away from giving birth in these photos!

Rachel, Ali, and Tahmures, I am so incredibly excited to meet this little girl! May her entry into the world be blessed.


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Trent, Jesse, & Baby makes Three! {Discovery Center, The Dalles, OR}

My best friend, her adorable boys, and her precious baby bump were recently in town. Its been much too long since I’ve seen her face. Her boys were so tiny last time, babies, and now they are BOYS. We had a bit of a marathon maternity session over two days, some images shot in the Dalles at both the gorgeous Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, and the Lewis & Clark Rock Fort site, and in Portland at my favorite spot, Kelley Point Park. In between, we bummed around The Dalles and Portland, ate delicious food, drank coffee (okay, I drank coffee,  smoothies for her!), laughed, cried, and wished desperately that we didn’t reside on opposite coasts.  Its no secret that I show love through photography;  if I love you, I definitely want to photograph you. Getting to take Amy’s portrait, especially at this special time in her life, did my heart good!

Love you Girl, can’t wait to see you and this baby SOON!




Michelle, James and the Baby Bump {Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA}

Man, I loved this session!
Michelle and James are expecting a wee baby boy at the end of November, and Michelle confided that she was on the fence about having Maternity photos taken. I am so glad she contacted me and decided to go for it! She’s a gorgeous pregnant lady, and I’m thrilled we captured her bump for posterity.
Congratulations to both of you, James and Michelle!
You two are lovely people, and I know your new son will be, too. I can’t wait to meet him!

"S" for Sister { St. Johns, Portland, OR}

One of my favorite families is getting ready to welcome a new baby girl! I was thrilled to get to visit John, Erynn and Sydney in their home to do a mini-maternity session. Soon-to-be big sister Sydney showed me her princess room ( my little girl saw the photos while I was editing them and freaked! She now wants a pink princess room just like Sydney!). She jumped on the bed, put a tiara on her puppy, demonstrated some dramatic princess fainting, brushed her hair in her vanity, and did some twirls in the mirror. So fun, this girl!

Unfortunately, after just a few happy snaps with her mommy in new baby sister’s nursery, Sydney was done with me and my camera. So I turned my focus to Erynn and John, who are my most favorite couple to photograph. They are unabashedly lovey-dovey, and its refreshing to see the way John dotes on Erynn. They are adorable!

Thanks again, Fearn Family, you guys are such a pleasure to work with! Congratulations on your new little girl!

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