I told him that he was not allowed to turn 7. “We will have a party, but you are not allowed to get any older.” He did not like this idea.  So, seven he is.

He has discovered football this year. Not watching it, but playing it, and he wants to do nothing else. He will throw the ball to himself and dive to catch it, over and over. He will beg to play with his dad, every day. I thought about editing out his cuts, scrapes and bruises in his birthday photos, but they are just such a part of him. He thinks nothing of sacrificing his body in the moment for a catch or save.

He still loves to cook. He now bakes muffins for the family, from start to finish. He will ask me to set the oven temperature, and he will do the rest. He has become obsessed with making Truffles, and wanted to know if we could try mixing bacon in to create chocolate bacon truffles, an idea I though was not half bad!

I interviewed him again this year, but he was definitely more self-conscious, less creative with his answers than last year. I videotaped it this time around, and what I love are not his answers, but the non-verbal aspects. His big boy curls, his easy and constant smile, the way he still can’t say his “r’s” perfectly. If I had my way, he’d have that lisp forever. (video at the end).

Happy Birthday, Miles! I love you to the moon and back!2015-05-26_0017  2015-05-26_00202015-05-26_00212015-05-26_0019 2015-05-26_0018


(K.) Lily {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

Its mid-March, and I’m looking for ways to dust the rust off my camera and find my groove before my busy spring schedule starts.  My Lily and I both love Kelley Point Park, and we had a lovely afternoon thrift shopping for a dress (Thanks, Button!), and then shooting our annual spring portrait session at KPP.



Each year, my oldest and I come up with a fun photo valentine to give out during her class party. This is my favorite yet! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Landree is Two

My youngest turned two yesterday. Trying to photograph her is like trying to capture Bigfoot on film. She moves fast and if I’m holding the camera, she refuses to look my way. This is the curse of all photographer/moms, I’m sure.

Dree at two: She instantly drops what she is doing to dance if a good beat comes on. She is rarely without two fingers in her mouth. She loves to have a pencil in hand and pretends to write, like her big sister. She loves rough-housing and physical contact like her older brother. She is emotional, and definitely lets you know if she is not happy, with a move we call “The Flashdance” in which runs in place and screams demonstratively, a mini, shrieking Jennifer Beal wannabe. Dogs and cats are her favorite, and she has no fear, she runs right up to give a hug or a pat. She’s possessive of Stephen and I, often giving a block and a “My mama” or “My Daddy” to her siblings if they are after a hug. She loves butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses and real kisses.

She’s our tiny spitfire, and we are so happy she is ours. Happy Birthday, beautiful Dree!



Lily is Eight. {Portland, OR}

She’s full of big ideas and big emotions. She speaks thoughtfully, with the vocabulary of someone older. She is beautiful. She has an incredibly big heart for other people who are hurting.  She loves to talk about history. She is able to get creative with any scrap of paper, twine, or junk she is given. She has a competitive fire for athletics. She is social and never afraid to raise her hand with a question, or an answer. She is dramatic, (sometimes over-dramatic).  She is a loyal and forgiving friend.

She is so very loved and is affectionately known as “Sissy” to our family.

And now, she is eight!


 Q&A with Lily:

What do you want to be when you grow up?  An Artist, an Actress, an Author or an Athlete. Or maybe an Illustrator.

What is your favorite thing about school?   Art, and Math.

What are you really good at?  Sketching, and talking in a british accent.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m really, really smart. I like my hair and freckles, I’m kind (sideways glance to her brother and sister )…to most people, besides my sister and brother.

What is something you dream about? Going to the moon.

Where We Live| August


Well, its time for another edition of Where We Live!  Be sure to visit the other photographers blogs linked at the bottom of this post!

This month, I offer a hodgepodge of Portland Quirkiness. First up is the creepy Paxton Gate shop on hip Mississippi Avenue. This place is like Portland’s version of Borgin & Burkes (an uber creepy shop in the Harry Potter books). Tons of rare taxidermy,  jars with preserved critters and other oddities. There is a great deal of irony in this shop, since Portland is a fairly anti-gun, anti-hunting, Pro PETA place. My science-minded 6 year old thinks this is the coolest shop in the world, and asks to go here whenever we have a Mommy/Son date. Lucky me!

Next, one neighborhood over from us, on the last Thursday of the month, an event called  “Last Thursday” takes place on well known Alberta St. This began as a showcase for street art vendors, but its become more of a social event. Though there are clowns, circus acts, human gnomes, and live music, its really an adult event. Great people watching, neat art, lots of second hand drugs.

Last, my children and I took a little outing to visit the Wishing Tree! This amazing tree is located in a nearby residential neighborhood at NE 7th and Morris, where people hang wishes for themselves or others. I did not expect this spot to be so moving, but reading the dreams and prayers of so many in one spot was amazing! So glad the kids and I went. Ironically, my son wished for a collection of Shark Teeth he saw on our outing to Paxton Gate!

Until next time!

2014-08-13_00102014-08-13_00112014-08-13_00092014-08-13_0002 2014-08-13_0003 2014-08-13_0004 2014-08-13_00052014-08-13_00062014-08-13_0007

Next, check out out the lovely Jennifer Reynolds who shows us around Delaware!

Where We Live | July {St Johns Bridge/Sauvie Is.}

Its time for another edition of Where We Live, the blog circle project I’m participating in! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to see the hometowns of other amazing photographers.


Slowly, shapes began  to emerge from the cloud:
a distant green arch, a giant coiling cable.
The cloud of fog began to dissipate,
revealing more and more
of this hidden structure
until a massive bridge stood before Prue
Its vast span was interrupted by a pair of wide, flat towers,
hundreds of feet high,
each inset with a series of cathedral-like arches of varying sizes.

(From Wildwood, by Colin Meloy)


There are no less than 10 bridges connecting the East and West sides of Portland. Gephyrophobics, you’ve been warned!  By far the most beautiful is the St. John’s Bridge, connecting the St. Johns neighborhood to NW Portland and the Forest Park area. Below the bridge is Cathedral park, so named by the shapes the bridge’s columns create on the underside. Its a popular photography location in its own right. But the bridge!  No matter how many times I cross it, the structure never fails to amaze me with its stature and beauty.

Sauvie Island is one of the largest River Islands in the US, and was originally named Wapato Island by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Island is made up of gorgeous rolling hills, sandy beaches,  amazing views of Mt. St. Helens, and of course, farm after farm of delicious produce.  We take an annual blueberry picking trip to Sauvie Island every July. Here are a few photos from our trek across the great bridge and onto the Island.




Please follow the circle around for more amazing photos. Next up, the amazing Christa Paustenbaugh.

Where We Live /June 2014

I’m excited that June is my first month as part of a blog circle called “Where We Live”. Each month I will be publishing a post dedicated to the city I call home, Portland, OR. Be sure to click the link at the bottom to follow the circle and see other talented photographer’s unique perspectives of the places they call home.


When thinking about Portland and what I might photograph first in the city I love so much, there really wasn’t a question.  My most favorite spot in the city is the place I spend 90% of my time: The Woodlawn neighborhood where I live.

Gritty. Diverse. Colorful. Local. Walkable. Family-Oriented. Tattooed. Graffitied. Caffeinated. Bikeable. Neighborly.

Its a great place for Foodies, People-Watchers, Gardeners, Do-Gooders, Church-goers, and Imbibers.  Its not manicured. uniform or perfect, but there is beauty to be found here, in its uniqueness, and in the people who call it home.







Be sure to follow the circle and check out all the places my talented Photographer friends call home. Next up is Rebecca Hellyer’s blog. She’ll be showing us around her city of Chicago. I can’t wait to see what she’s posted!

Miles is Six!

My boy is an original for sure, with a constant smile on his face, constant motion in his limbs, and an easy, uproarious laugh that might as well be helium, the way it lifts and expands my heart. Six is moving solidly into the territory where the “little” is dropped from in front of the “kid”. Thank goodness that at six, he still asks for snuggles at bedtime, he still hugs those he loves wholeheartedly and without self-consciousness, and he still beams when I tell him he’s my most favorite boy in the universe.

Q&A with Miles:

What do you want to be when you grow up?    A cook. I also want to be a scientist. 

What is your favorite thing about school?   Recess.

What are you really good at?  Sports. Cooking. Drawing.  Adventures. 

What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m smart.  And my curly hair.

What is something you dream about?  That I’m faster than a cheetah.


Lily: Girl In-Between {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

Around March, towards the end of my winter sabbatical, I always get itchy to photograph again. This March, the urge to take photos is extra strong. Yesterday was an incredibly lovely saturday here in Portland, and I was looking for excuses to get out and photograph something, ANYTHING. Lily gave me the perfect one! She really wanted to go to the river to put her toes in the sand, jump off the drifted logs, and hunt for snails and shells. We loaded up the car, jammed to some Pharrell on the drive out to the river, and made an hour or two of it.  She let me take her picture for a little while before she ran off to jump and splash and explore.

There are so many things I notice in these photographs. She has earned some freckles, especially on her right cheek. Her big girl teeth are almost completely in on top. Her ringlets are morphing into waves. And, she looks so very much like a feminine version of her Daddy in these pictures.  I see a girl in between. The pre pre-teen. She still cries when she doesn’t get her way, but she also paints her own toenails. She whispers her secrets to her beloved stuffed animals, YaYa and Mr. JD Pickles, but is also dealing with some grown up issues at school. She needs to be reminded to brush her teeth before bed, but also begs to shave her legs.

This little/big girl is with me for only a short while longer. I will squeeze her into every frame, portrait and snap I can manage.