Lily: Girl In-Between {Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR}

Around March, towards the end of my winter sabbatical, I always get itchy to photograph again. This March, the urge to take photos is extra strong. Yesterday was an incredibly lovely saturday here in Portland, and I was looking for excuses to get out and photograph something, ANYTHING. Lily gave me the perfect one! She really wanted to go to the river to put her toes in the sand, jump off the drifted logs, and hunt for snails and shells. We loaded up the car, jammed to some Pharrell on the drive out to the river, and made an hour or two of it.  She let me take her picture for a little while before she ran off to jump and splash and explore.

There are so many things I notice in these photographs. She has earned some freckles, especially on her right cheek. Her big girl teeth are almost completely in on top. Her ringlets are morphing into waves. And, she looks so very much like a feminine version of her Daddy in these pictures.  I see a girl in between. The pre pre-teen. She still cries when she doesn’t get her way, but she also paints her own toenails. She whispers her secrets to her beloved stuffed animals, YaYa and Mr. JD Pickles, but is also dealing with some grown up issues at school. She needs to be reminded to brush her teeth before bed, but also begs to shave her legs.

This little/big girl is with me for only a short while longer. I will squeeze her into every frame, portrait and snap I can manage.


Baby Evan {Vancouver, WA}

I felt so lucky to get to take Baby Evan’s first portraits! 
His pretty Mama, Karri, contacted me in the summer to set up a newborn session. You never know if a baby will be early or late that far out, but Evan came right on time, and the date we picked worked out great! The weather also cooperated, so we had lots of beautiful window light to compliment Evan’s newborn perfection.
Evan was so sleepy, handsome, compliant for the first half of our session. He then woke up, and I was able to also take some more interactive family shots, which is the best of both worlds.
Thank you, Evan and family, for such a wonderful session! I hope you love your photos.

Kai and Tate {Summer Lake Park, Tigard, OR}

Look how much little Tate has grown! I met up with him and the rest of his wonderful family on one of the fleeting days of fall in November. We had so much fun, and Tate and big brother Kai were so delightful! Kai is happy and active, jumping off of everything with gusto. Little Tate, or “Tater” as his family refers to him, has these amazing, piercing blue eyes that totally mesmerized me. Definitely a great pair to get to photograph! I’m so glad we were able to make it happen, Dixon family! As always, my camera loves your family.

Hannah, Cole and Emery {Salem, OR}

What a fun session I had with my friend Julie and her gorgeous family! We met at the family farm, which included an incredible old barn that photographed beautifully, as well as a tractor and tire swing, and even some cow patties ( or were they horse patties?) this photographer stepped in once or twice. Ah, an authentic farm experience! Anyhow…
 Little Emery was dainty and beautiful, no wonder every person in the family dotes on her. Cole lit up when he was on the tractor, or in his Daddy’s arms.  And Hannah remains so reminiscent of her Mom around the same age, graceful and stunning. Thank you Clark family, for such a unique session for this city girl.
 I hope we can do it again!

Luis – Class of 2013 {NE Portland}

I had such an amazing session with Luis! As an adventure seeker and budding photographer, the conversation was easy, and capturing his spirit with my camera was easy, too. We shot in the rain a bit,  explored Columbia Avenue, and bummed around Whitaker Ponds. I get a sense that great things lie ahead for this young man. He’s just getting started.
Congratulations on your Graduation, Luis! 

Jack and Jane {Cathedral Park, North Portland, OR}

Jack and Janey are an adorable brother sister duo I had the pleasure of meeting up with recently. The morning was cool and full of fall color, pink cheeks and red noses. Jack and Jane did not seem to mind though. They jumped and balanced and ran all over Cathedral Park.  Janey is all spirit and spitfire disguised behind adorable doe eyes and chubby cheeks. Jack is an absolute sweetheart of an old soul, there is something behind his eyes that makes you feel like he’s wise beyond his years, and sweet as pie to boot!
Thanks Jack and Jane, what a fun morning!


Ms. Maggie is 4! {Whitaker Ponds, Portland OR}

I cannot recall a session with a happier, more photo compliant little person than my session with Maggie. She is just the most radiant little girl! 
My expectations for our session were so low. Not only was it raining, but it was COLD and windy. When Maggie’s mom and I pulled up to the park, it was pouring, and we made a break for the gazebo. We shot under the cover for a few minutes, and even with the rain, seeing Maggie’s adorable smile, I knew we’d get some good images. Then, a break in the rain, a few rays of sun, and Maggie turned the charm up full blast. Who needs the sunshine when you have this little lady’s light?
It was truly a pleasure Maggie! I hope we can do it again. Happy Birthday!

Baby Quinn {Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR}

Yay! I finally got to meet up with 6 month old Quinn and his lovely parents, Kim and Josh.  I was originally supposed to take newborn photos for this sweet family, but the timing just didn’t work out for us. Instead, I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy at almost 6 months. Such a fun age! He has the most striking chocolate eyes, definitely inherited from his Mama, and an easy smile like his Daddy. The little man was tired from too much play earlier in the day, but he was all smiles while I took his picture on his own, and a bit less smiley but just as sweet with his parents.
Thanks Kim and Josh, for allowing me to photograph Quinn. It was so much fun!


Arlo & Etta {Ridgefield, WA}

I had the opportunity to meet up with Arlo and Etta again on a cold, foggy Fall morning. The family has made some major changes and moved to a rural location from the city, and wanted their photos taken on their new property. So fun and special! 
Arlo remained an adorable, expressive little darling (I wish I could share outtakes of all his funny faces from moments when he did NOT want his photo taken) and Etta has transformed from a copper-headed newborn (the last time I photographed her) into the beautiful, happy, blonde haired doll. 
Good luck with all your new adventures in the country, Arlo and Etta! 

Tahmures Q. {Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Portland OR}

 I was so thrilled to get to photograph fellow photographer Rachel Hadiashar and her little family on a recent fall day. Unfortunately for us, the weather had other ideas. We were originally slated to travel to an apple orchard, but with the iffy forecast, we stuck closer to home, visiting a smaller orchard in the local Arboretum instead. Though misty, the weather held, and we were able to capture some family interaction.  Little Tahmures, who could not be cuter with his mop of curls and dimples, is currently in a “Daddy” phase, and stuck close to his Papa, and even got a little surly when his mama came too close. It took a few fall leaves tossed in the air, but he finally came around.