Where We Live| August


Well, its time for another edition of Where We Live!  Be sure to visit the other photographers blogs linked at the bottom of this post!

This month, I offer a hodgepodge of Portland Quirkiness. First up is the creepy Paxton Gate shop on hip Mississippi Avenue. This place is like Portland’s version of Borgin & Burkes (an uber creepy shop in the Harry Potter books). Tons of rare taxidermy,  jars with preserved critters and other oddities. There is a great deal of irony in this shop, since Portland is a fairly anti-gun, anti-hunting, Pro PETA place. My science-minded 6 year old thinks this is the coolest shop in the world, and asks to go here whenever we have a Mommy/Son date. Lucky me!

Next, one neighborhood over from us, on the last Thursday of the month, an event called  “Last Thursday” takes place on well known Alberta St. This began as a showcase for street art vendors, but its become more of a social event. Though there are clowns, circus acts, human gnomes, and live music, its really an adult event. Great people watching, neat art, lots of second hand drugs.

Last, my children and I took a little outing to visit the Wishing Tree! This amazing tree is located in a nearby residential neighborhood at NE 7th and Morris, where people hang wishes for themselves or others. I did not expect this spot to be so moving, but reading the dreams and prayers of so many in one spot was amazing! So glad the kids and I went. Ironically, my son wished for a collection of Shark Teeth he saw on our outing to Paxton Gate!

Until next time!

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Where We Live | July {St Johns Bridge/Sauvie Is.}

Its time for another edition of Where We Live, the blog circle project I’m participating in! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom to see the hometowns of other amazing photographers.


Slowly, shapes began  to emerge from the cloud:
a distant green arch, a giant coiling cable.
The cloud of fog began to dissipate,
revealing more and more
of this hidden structure
until a massive bridge stood before Prue
Its vast span was interrupted by a pair of wide, flat towers,
hundreds of feet high,
each inset with a series of cathedral-like arches of varying sizes.

(From Wildwood, by Colin Meloy)


There are no less than 10 bridges connecting the East and West sides of Portland. Gephyrophobics, you’ve been warned!  By far the most beautiful is the St. John’s Bridge, connecting the St. Johns neighborhood to NW Portland and the Forest Park area. Below the bridge is Cathedral park, so named by the shapes the bridge’s columns create on the underside. Its a popular photography location in its own right. But the bridge!  No matter how many times I cross it, the structure never fails to amaze me with its stature and beauty.

Sauvie Island is one of the largest River Islands in the US, and was originally named Wapato Island by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Island is made up of gorgeous rolling hills, sandy beaches,  amazing views of Mt. St. Helens, and of course, farm after farm of delicious produce.  We take an annual blueberry picking trip to Sauvie Island every July. Here are a few photos from our trek across the great bridge and onto the Island.




Please follow the circle around for more amazing photos. Next up, the amazing Christa Paustenbaugh.

Where We Live /June 2014

I’m excited that June is my first month as part of a blog circle called “Where We Live”. Each month I will be publishing a post dedicated to the city I call home, Portland, OR. Be sure to click the link at the bottom to follow the circle and see other talented photographer’s unique perspectives of the places they call home.


When thinking about Portland and what I might photograph first in the city I love so much, there really wasn’t a question.  My most favorite spot in the city is the place I spend 90% of my time: The Woodlawn neighborhood where I live.

Gritty. Diverse. Colorful. Local. Walkable. Family-Oriented. Tattooed. Graffitied. Caffeinated. Bikeable. Neighborly.

Its a great place for Foodies, People-Watchers, Gardeners, Do-Gooders, Church-goers, and Imbibers.  Its not manicured. uniform or perfect, but there is beauty to be found here, in its uniqueness, and in the people who call it home.







Be sure to follow the circle and check out all the places my talented Photographer friends call home. Next up is Rebecca Hellyer’s blog. She’ll be showing us around her city of Chicago. I can’t wait to see what she’s posted!