Meet beautiful Eloise! She is dainty, and feminine, and about as happy as they come. Her blue eyes sparkle. And, she never stops moving. I met up with Eloise and her parents, Jared and Carra,  over Labor Day weekend, and wouldn’t you know, it rained. Most of our session. I was so bummed, although we got several adorable shots, rain was visible in most of them!

So, Eloise and her parents met me again on a much drier day, and we were able to complete the session, rounding it out with lots of Eloise action shots!

Thanks, Jared and Carra, for allowing me to capture your precious girl! She is amazing!

2014-09-11_00092014-09-11_0003 2014-09-11_0004 2014-09-11_0006 2014-09-11_0007 2014-09-11_0008

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