I have had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family several times now, most recently when little Gus was a tiny, new thing. Evelyn has always been a favorite subject: She has this bright, boisterous, charming personality, and intense, deep brown eyes that just melt me. Seeing her brother, who was a newborn the last time, as this toddling, round bellied, doe-eyed ball of energy and cuteness was amazing! He is only a little younger than Ev was the first time I met her. Time moves so fast!

We tried a new location, the recently remodeled Westmoreland Park. Its going to be fantastic when all of the orange fencing comes down! We stuck to a few main areas that were accessible, including a small footbridge. The children chased geese, and played like crazy with sticks. All in all, a fun morning! Thanks, Evelyn and Gus!

2014-09-15_0004 2014-09-15_0005

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