I have known Everett and Elena’s Dad for several years now, back before either of us had children (we have 5 between us these days! Crazy!). Spencer has been an important and intelligent member of our neighborhood, and we served together in our neighborhood association in past years. Now, we bump into each other on the playground, and talk child rearing. He’s a great guy, and I was thrilled to finally get to meet his gorgeous wife, Lisa, and hang out with his adorable littles.
Mr. Everett was serious-faced for most of our shoot, but his mom and dad knew how to coax his smile out when needed. He loved the tractor we discovered on the grounds, and enjoyed pretending to drive it. His little sister Elena was dainty in her blue and white dress, but precocious and tough too. She took some impressive tumbles during our evening in the orchard at Howell Territorial Park, mainly while following her brother around, but it didn’t dampen her spirits, or smiles. She also managed to sample a lot of the Orchard’s fare, as you’ll notice in photos!  She’s rarely without an apple. 
Thank you Everett and Elena, for the pleasure of capturing your family photos, you two were terrific, and your parents were too!

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