Oh, Laney and Ben…I love our yearly May session. This year topped them all. For the first time, BOTH of you were happy and cooperative. AT THE SAME TIME.  Fantastic! I think you were both just enjoying the water and sand and sunshine, and it sure was fun to capture it.  2014-05-25_00132014-05-25_00122014-05-25_00142014-05-25_00162014-05-25_00032014-05-25_00172014-05-25_00072014-05-25_00022014-05-25_0006 2014-05-25_0008 2014-05-25_0010 2014-05-25_00112014-05-25_0004

2 thoughts on “JUMP Laney and Benjamin

  1. ADORABLE!!!! The one of Ben smiling while Laney jumps is such perfect timing! Beautiful children, beautiful photos, beautiful mama