Meet Karolyn, a lovely girl who I enjoyed traipsing around Downtown Portland and Sauvie Island with. We had been trying to meet up for pictures for several weeks, but her busy schedule, my busy schedule, and a rainy day made it tough. FINALLY, though, we were able to find a dry time to meet.

She’s a softball player, a homeschooler, and really just beautiful inside and out. She brought along her boyfriend Eli, a tall, handsome, intimidating presence, but who is actually sweet as pie.  I was able to put him to work holding a reflector, carrying bags, and fanning Karolyn for the wind blown look. So glad he was there! We captured some beautiful images of Karolyn, I think.

Thank you, Karolyn, for allowing me to take your Senior portraits! I had so much fun, and hope you did as well.

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