My littlest baby is turning one! A year ago, she completed our family. She is the most perfect punctuation at the end of a wonderful chapter. 
Her curls are wild.  Her cheeks are delicious. She squeals and shrieks with such zeal and volume that heads turn everywhere we go.  Each day, we are finding out a bit more about her. 
She loves books! She loves dogs! She can eat bowl after bowl of Pumpkin Soup!  
She doesn’t say “Mama” or “Dada” yet, but she can say “Kitty” and “Dog”. She adores her older brother and sister, and other kids, in general, delight her. 
Landree, your joy rubs off on me daily. I am grateful to be the recipient of your giggles, open-mouthed kisses, snuggles, and love. Your Daddy and I think its the most wonderful mystery unraveling before us, getting to discover who you are, as we help you learn and grow. 

No matter what, we could not love you more. 
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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