I met up with Levi and Esther on a blustery, wet Portland afternoon. We had hoped to get to photograph at a park or other outdoor spot, but the weather did not cooperate, and so instead, these cutie pie’s Mamas welcomed me into their home to shoot. It had been a rough day for both of the kiddos. We just rolled with it and attempted to capture some candid family interaction. Easy enough, this family is brimming with love and sweetness, if not a long attention span. Levi is a constant ball of movement and silliness, though he sat for a long spell while being read to.  Ms. Esther was asleep for most of my visit, but with the sweet, sweet baby smiles she gave me in the brief time while awake, I managed to forgive her.

 Thank you, G family, for making me feel at home. I loved our time together!

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