My boy is an original for sure, with a constant smile on his face, constant motion in his limbs, and an easy, uproarious laugh that might as well be helium, the way it lifts and expands my heart. Six is moving solidly into the territory where the “little” is dropped from in front of the “kid”. Thank goodness that at six, he still asks for snuggles at bedtime, he still hugs those he loves wholeheartedly and without self-consciousness, and he still beams when I tell him he’s my most favorite boy in the universe.

Q&A with Miles:

What do you want to be when you grow up?    A cook. I also want to be a scientist. 

What is your favorite thing about school?   Recess.

What are you really good at?  Sports. Cooking. Drawing.  Adventures. 

What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m smart.  And my curly hair.

What is something you dream about?  That I’m faster than a cheetah.


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