I feel like I have 20 adorable anecdotes about this wonderful family; way too many to share in this small blog post. I’ll do my best to give the highlights!

I showed up at Bob and Morgan’s door on a Sunday morning, and found them all still in their pajamas. After a rough night with their almost two year old, they scrapped the idea for well dressed family portraits, and instead asked if I might just capture them making breakfast in their PJ’s. This new plan came with really good coffee. Happy to, yes, indeed!

There may have been a minor mishap with some spilled eggs, but sausage and pancakes smelled so good, and Peri looked like mini Cat Cora in her apron over Olaf Pajamas. Bob kept trying to convince Morgan to have a family portrait in their Boba Fet and Princess Leia aprons.  Morgan was not impressed by this idea, but I thought it was hilarious.

Once breakfast was cooked and served, and Peri had a full belly, everyone got dressed, and we headed to the playground for some play time and more photos. Peri had no interest in sitting for pictures with her folks, she ONLY wanted to slide. She slid with total joy, over and over. So, Peri, this is almost two! Cooking and sliding for your portraits. I love that you and your family do things your own way! Thanks for letting me document it.




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