Once upon a time, when I was the mommy of a little 9 month old girl, I went to tour a new daycare facility. I was skeptical, uncertain. The place we had originally picked out to care for our child had not lived up to our expectations, and I wanted to be certain we weren’t fooled twice.

With my critical gaze set, I entered the baby room. I took it in, from one corner to the other, and found it clean and colorful, yet peaceful. Still, I needed more assurance. And in the far corner of the room, I found him: in one of the small bassinets, laying on his tummy, bum in the air, was a gorgeous baby boy sleeping soundly. He looked to be resting easily, seemed so content. No cares, no strife.
This was a good place, I could tell.
We signed my daughter up. She and this baby, Preston, became fast friends, and have remained close. I totally adore this kid to my core. He is so lovably goofy, so totally boyish, so infectiously good-natured.
Though we don’t see him often enough, when we do, its as if no time has passed. And then I look at pictures like these, and I’m reminded of how quickly its actually going.
You’re 5 now, Master P, do me a favor and stay there for a while! And, keep Karter Lily with you! We both love you lots!

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