My beautiful friend Sarah is turning 40 later this week…I know! She is stunning, and 40 looks great on her. Sarah wanted to celebrate her milestone with a 1940’s inspired photo shoot. We had so much fun pouring over old photos of 1940’s beauties, Lauren Bacall in particular, for inspiration. Sarah, I think we nailed it! Before I started my Photography business, Sarah was the first person to encourage me. Even though I didn’t really know what I was doing, she saw something in my photos and pushed me to photograph more than just my own kids. When it was time to make the leap into business, I did not have any real confidence in my work, but I chose to borrow the confidence Sarah had in me and went for it. She hired me early on and was always so encouraging. I am pretty sure I would not be in business without her!  I am so grateful to her. Now that she is sticking her own toes into the photography world, I hope I can encourage her in the same way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah! Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration! Check out Sarah’s work at 2014-05-31_00022014-05-31_00012014-05-31_00032014-05-31_00072014-05-31_00082014-05-31_0006

4 thoughts on “Sarah – Turning 40 (1940’s style)

  1. These are gorgeous!!! And they really captured the 1940’s look. Lovely model, lovely photographs. What an awesome idea when turning 40. Happy Birthday Sarah

  2. These photos are gorgeous. Great work and I can’t believe Sarah is turning 40! She looks amazing!

  3. Kersten, you are such an amazing photographer and artist. It always blew my mind that your talent was not as glaringly convincing for you :-). I’m so grateful to have these images that will remind me of this transition into my next decade. I knew i would love these pictures and you still took me by surprise. Thank you so very much <3