I told him that he was not allowed to turn 7. “We will have a party, but you are not allowed to get any older.” He did not like this idea.  So, seven he is.

He has discovered football this year. Not watching it, but playing it, and he wants to do nothing else. He will throw the ball to himself and dive to catch it, over and over. He will beg to play with his dad, every day. I thought about editing out his cuts, scrapes and bruises in his birthday photos, but they are just such a part of him. He thinks nothing of sacrificing his body in the moment for a catch or save.

He still loves to cook. He now bakes muffins for the family, from start to finish. He will ask me to set the oven temperature, and he will do the rest. He has become obsessed with making Truffles, and wanted to know if we could try mixing bacon in to create chocolate bacon truffles, an idea I though was not half bad!

I interviewed him again this year, but he was definitely more self-conscious, less creative with his answers than last year. I videotaped it this time around, and what I love are not his answers, but the non-verbal aspects. His big boy curls, his easy and constant smile, the way he still can’t say his “r’s” perfectly. If I had my way, he’d have that lisp forever. (video at the end).

Happy Birthday, Miles! I love you to the moon and back!2015-05-26_0017  2015-05-26_00202015-05-26_00212015-05-26_0019 2015-05-26_0018


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