Meet Sophia, one of the smartest and most determined 4 year olds I’ve encountered! The first thing she said to me upon our meeting was “Is it okay if I wear this?” showing me her own outfit selection, which differed from what her parents picked out. I immediately loved her independent spirit! She is whip smart, beautiful, and very sure of what she does and does not want to do. Definitely a future leader!

Sophia’s “Anne” (pronounced “Ah-knee” – turkish for Mother, love this word!) is my own daughter’s beloved third grade teacher. She has really brought out the best in Lily this year, with equal measures of  challenge and encouragement.  I was so excited to get to spend a morning with her, and meet her lovely wife, Erin, and of course, little Sophia.

As with all 4 year olds, Sophia was drawn to the sand. It was honestly hard to tear her away, but we managed to fit in some climbing and jumping, ballet and yoga moves, and even some posing.

Thank you, Sophia, for the privilege of photographing you and your people! You were a great subject!

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