I’ve known Stephanie and Ty for such a long time, and with this session, I may have topped myself for managing to annoy Ty. I like to think its part of my job as their family photographer, because Ty is just such a fun dude to tease. Sand is not his thing. Dirty river water, also not his thing. But, he’s a good if somewhat grumbly sport, and I appreciate him going along with my off the beaten path location ideas.
 I look forward to our family shoots each year, because seeing this family together warms my heart, teasing and jokes aside. Stephanie and Ty have such a warm, fun banter as a couple, and their girls are sassy and photogenic, my favorite combination. Tyler Grace was full of grins that showed off her adorable missing teeth, and Sawyer, at 2 and 1/2, finally has hair long enough for cutest little girl princess Leia buns.
As always, M. Family, I am honored to capture these precious girls as they grow!


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