Meet Miss Violet, a round, rosy cheeked, hazel-eyed six month old beauty! Her Mama, Erin, in my humble opinion, is the best server in Portland. My family visits her for amazing food and service when I’m not in the mood to cook (read: often). Erin and I were pregnant with our daughters at the same time, and its so lovely to see her as a mama, confident and at ease in with her little. You can tell Violet is truly the center of her world. She and her husband David call Violet “Violet the Pilot” because she loves it when her Daddy flies her around. Her precious face lights up with smiles!
 I enjoyed getting to spend some time both at OMSI and Alberta park, watching her fly and interact with her parents. I’m predicting big things for this little lady!
Thanks Baby Violet, it was lovely hanging out not once but twice!


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