Well, its time for another edition of Where We Live!  Be sure to visit the other photographers blogs linked at the bottom of this post!

This month, I offer a hodgepodge of Portland Quirkiness. First up is the creepy Paxton Gate shop on hip Mississippi Avenue. This place is like Portland’s version of Borgin & Burkes (an uber creepy shop in the Harry Potter books). Tons of rare taxidermy,  jars with preserved critters and other oddities. There is a great deal of irony in this shop, since Portland is a fairly anti-gun, anti-hunting, Pro PETA place. My science-minded 6 year old thinks this is the coolest shop in the world, and asks to go here whenever we have a Mommy/Son date. Lucky me!

Next, one neighborhood over from us, on the last Thursday of the month, an event called  “Last Thursday” takes place on well known Alberta St. This began as a showcase for street art vendors, but its become more of a social event. Though there are clowns, circus acts, human gnomes, and live music, its really an adult event. Great people watching, neat art, lots of second hand drugs.

Last, my children and I took a little outing to visit the Wishing Tree! This amazing tree is located in a nearby residential neighborhood at NE 7th and Morris, where people hang wishes for themselves or others. I did not expect this spot to be so moving, but reading the dreams and prayers of so many in one spot was amazing! So glad the kids and I went. Ironically, my son wished for a collection of Shark Teeth he saw on our outing to Paxton Gate!

Until next time!

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11 thoughts on “Where We Live| August

  1. So many great images Kersten! I seriously love your work. So hard to pick a favorite.

  2. The wishing tree is very cool. I’m sure some of them must’ve been funny while others were heartbreaking.

  3. I love the quirkiness! The taxidermy, the garden gnome hats, and the wishing tree…all just amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us this month.

  4. I have never seen such places in my life! I feel very sheltered after checking out your blog post! Enjoyed it so much…and can’t wait for next month 🙂

  5. These images are so interesting. My favorite is the image go the artwork with the shadows of the people who were looking. Such a neat perspective. Portland looks like a really fun place to live full of life and color!